Portable Flint Sundial


This is a found object, from Banstead Wood, Surrey. It is made of flint, has a central hole and several angular points. So far the object has only been seen by a lithics specialist in photograph and not in person – the verdict given was natural.

Based on the presence of what seems very clearly to be finger depressions and fine knap marks

I can’t find myself in agreement with their verdict. The stone fits on the hand like a glove.

It is undeniable to me that this object was used over a long time period, by several people, perhaps a family heir loom. It is not a work tool, the position it takes on the hand is not suitable for work, therefore it is a ritual item.

It is approx 90x90mm


26mm left to centre of hole and 30mm right to centre of hole


It has a near level right-angle cut into it

The fine knap marks that seem to show use of an antler as a chisel are found within the right-angle

When sat on its front position and a straight stick is placed through the hole, it produces an angle of 51degrees. The object was found at latitude 51N.


The position it takes on the hand requires a straight pinky finger, meaning the object takes on the same front leaning position


Used outside the wearer faces south, with the right arm extended in front of them, the flint object will be facing north, the wearer will be stood north of the object and will then never cast shadow on it. In this position the face of the object can be seen easily.

Outside it becomes a sundial


This object was perhaps used in a ritual tradition centred around life/death/time or simply as a navigational tool. When tilted back to its rear position it can produce an angle of roughly 58degrees, Orkney Isles. This object could have been used to travel up and down the British Isles, and/or coordinate journeys between settlements.

There are other flint sundials that have been found in Leicestershire, UK and those items have been dated to between 10,000-4000bc. The dating for the above object is unknown. If any one would like to get in touch over this object please don’t hesitate to do so


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